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"Opening hearts, minds and bodies in Northwest Las Vegas."

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  Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, Northwest Yoga Studio is an intimate studio space dedicated to the teaching of yoga.

   We feature a wide range of classes that promote flexibility, strength, coordination and well-being while emphasizing proper body alignment to increase physical awareness.

   Experienced and highly trained in different traditions of yoga, our teachers take great pride in helping their students build a safe, healthy and lifelong yoga practice.

   We offer a comfortable, friendly and supportive environment where individuals of all ages and stages of life can come together and share in the joyful, transformative practice of yoga.

   Yoga is for every body! You don't have to be thin, flexible or in shape to do yoga - it can benefit anyone and everyone who practices it with patience, consistency and an open mind.

  Regardless of age, fitness level or stage of life, all students can find a place at Northwest Yoga.

                             ~ We Welcome Beginners! ~

The Benefits of Yoga 
How To Get the Most Out Of Your Yoga Practice


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